What To Expect In The Delivery Room When You Choose To Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood. | Natera Blog
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What To Expect In The Delivery Room When You Choose To Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood.

What To Expect In The Delivery Room When You Choose To Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood.

What To Expect In The Delivery Room When You Choose To Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood.

What To Expect In The Delivery Room When You Choose To Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood.

The big day is coming! You’ve prepared for this day for the last nine months, and everything is ready to go: you’ve picked out your doctor and your hospital, you’ve written your Birth Plan, you’ve called friends and family to help out before, during and after the delivery. And if you’re like a lot of well-prepared parents, you’ve decided to have your newborn baby’s stem cells stored with Evercord.

The question is, what exactly happens in the delivery room when your baby’s umbilical cord is prepared for storage? Fortunately, Evercord makes the process simple. Once you have signed up and received your cord blood collection kit, all you have to do is remember to pack it in your hospital bag and hand it over to your healthcare team. 

As Brittany, 29, a satisfied Evercord customer puts it:

“I have no idea what happened before, during and after my delivery! The only thing you are focusing on is getting that baby out. I think my husband fainted – I have no recollection – but I heard everyone joking about it afterward.

“I remember seeing emails from Evercord later on. About a month after Tina was born, we received a collection certificate confirming that the cord blood has been safely processed and stored.”

The most important thing to remember is that  cord blood banking is a completely non-invasive and safe procedure, both for the mother and the baby. Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord after the baby is born with a simple, quick and painless procedure that does not interfere with the planned birth experience.


Collecting The Cord

On the day of your delivery, bring the collection kit you received when you registered with Evercord to the hospital. Tell your provider you’ve opted to collect cord blood, and once your healthcare team collects the sample, call the number on the kit and Evercord will pick it up and take it to the lab.

For both types of deliveries – Natural or C-section – as soon as the baby is born, the doctor clamps the umbilical cord from both sides and cuts it.  

After this, the umbilical cord is swabbed, a needle is inserted into the umbilical vein, and the blood is collected in a bag. This procedure takes a few minutes and is done before the placenta is delivered.

Once the blood stops flowing, the bag is sealed and shaken to distribute the anticoagulant evenly. The OB-GYN makes sure that the correct pre-printed labels are put on the bag containing the cord blood, and the whole kit is packed.


Outside the delivery room

With the collection completed, you or your partner will need  to call the medical courier on the number printed on the collection kit. Confirm the address, and the courier will pick up the package and ship it.

And that’s all there is to it! 

You will receive a notification as soon as the cord blood kit reaches the lab and is processed. You will also receive  a collection preservation certificate within a month of your baby’s delivery.

As a new parent, it’s perfectly natural for you to be concerned about every aspect of your baby’s delivery. Therefore, we want to emphasize that cord blood collection is easy, painless and non-invasive for both the baby and the mother. Rest assured that you’ve already made one of the most important decisions for your child’s health and welfare. By banking your baby’s cord blood with Evercord, you are helping to protect her from over eighty known diseases, and with current advances in medical technology, the future could hold dozens of other treatments.


Call or email Evercord today and get your free information kit: 844-243-5211, https://www.natera.com/cord-blood/




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